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The Break up



The REAL breakup.

Best lines from Uriel:

•  He is not nowhere to be found…ah, all mexican and shit.

•  Look at em, look at em, he’s all like dal de tu cuerpo alegria macarena…

• This is like watching BET…they always fight.

• Guys, being in a relaship is hard, it is very very hard. Ok? Guys, don’t take this lightly. 

Best lines from Steph:

• He’d be speaking Spanish if Justin wasn’t white.

• It’s like a black music video.

• Why is he so mad? This is the best thing of my life.

Best conversations between Uriel and Steph:

Uriel: Look there’s a black couple coming over here…do you see them?

Steph: No, they’re too black, I just see shirts coming out.

Uriel: This is definitely BET.

Steph: This should be a show.

Uriel: Dude, if this was the Kappa show, Victoria would be stealing the shit out of Wilma. Like, Wilma, are you pissed are you upset?

Steph: He got an Oscar, he just got the Oscar.

Uriel: Dude, he’s getting nominated. Look at him, look at him. Damn. He’s in the ranks of like, um, who? Maybe some, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The memories … #ryansummers

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